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A new Charlene

Since we launched Flemming’s new site, I’d been dying to give my own very tired one a refresh. Especially because I’d also splurged some weeks ago and gotten a logo designed just for me, which I’ve been wanting to do for many years, but couldn’t quite justify. The entire look and feel of… Read more


Coffee, Magic, and a brand new

I haven’t written at all about Flemming‘s and my little web development venture, Coffee and Magic. As our byline declares, we make simple WordPress websites. I’d been missing front end web work that made up the bulk of my job in the Matrix, and Flemming was loving exploring the capabilities of WordPress. It… Read more


Zack Christ

Last week I heard Zack Christ play a 45 minute set during the Århus leg of the Bas Under Buen tour. His performance was different from any other in the festival: It went to hell from the start. He is a DJ who “composes” live with various bits of outboard gear hooked… Read more


At Bas Under Buen 2014. Odense, Denmark. Fuji XE-2 courtesy Fuji Danmark.