Happy hour

12 Jul 2014

Apparently, it ain’t so happy in some parts.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

My thanks to Ib Thordal and Fuji Denmark for the loan of the XE-2 and 56mm f1.2 that was used in the making of this picture. My X-Pro 1 is showing signs of eventual failure (more on this later), and the Danish Fuji office very kindly lent me some gear for the summer so I can deliver whole images to the music festivals that Flemming and I will be shooting for the next couple of months.


9 Jul 2014

In places where cycling is a general part of life, I can’t help but appreciate how useful (and in some circumstances, happy) a thing a bicycle is.

Yep, back in Denmark for the northern summer.

Dronning Louises Bro, Copenhagen.