The mothership. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Nine hundred and two

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Flemming turned 901 in New Mexico spectacularly last year: they opened Trinity site (location of the first A bomb test) for the occasion, and the nice people at the Very Large Array even pulled the telescope into its tightest configuration so we could get a picture to mark the day (see here).

A year on, he’s pretty far away from astronomical arrays, in the steamy tropics of Singapore. No radio telescopes exist here, but the grandeur of the entire Marina Bay areaΒ provides an appropriately science-fiction-like setting in which to contemplate turning 902.

Interstellar communication gets flashy

Interstellar communication gets flashy

Bright lights, big city

Space boy is lost in one of many possible spacecraft landing sites in the big city

Birthday present from Fuji Nordic

Birthday present from Fuji Nordic

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  2. Bruno

    What a lovely present he got πŸ™‚ I can’t be jealous coz i got my own πŸ˜› Congrats here as well!
    I got a dilemma to solve :-/ i got the 23mm, the 56mm and the 55-200mm lens … now what would you get, the 10-24mm or the 14mm?
    Cheers Bruno

    1. Post

      I’ve still only got the X-Pro 1 and the 35mm, so with that in mind, I’d say “Whichever you can afford” πŸ˜€

    2. Flemming Bo Jensen

      I have only tried the 14mm, not the new 10-24mm yet but it is supposed to be something quite special. Definitely find a shop that stocks them and try them out. For me, shooting in night clubs, the f/4 of the zoom is way too slow.

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