Like No Other: Guillaume Nery base jumping Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed by Julie Gautier

We interrupt our regular weekend silence to bring you this utterly unreal short film of Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold (!!!) by Julie Gautier. It is nothing short of an effing beautiful production.

Seriously, watch it. It’s worth 4 minutes and 18 seconds of your life.

Fuck, wow.

Thank you Flemming for sharing.


  1. It's freakig crazy good. I'd be too daunted by that big, black hole personally, but he clearly doesn't have that sort of paranoia ;)

  2. Hahaha, I do wonder (now that I've watched it agog 23 times), how many times they had to do that dive to make this clip :D

  3. It is so amazing, words fail me. Love this video, got it from Chase Jarvis. So gracious, otherworldly, elegant and dramatic. I adore the part where the looks at the black hole and then jumps.This is copy pasted from a comment by Guillaume on Youtube:"to clarify: this movie is A FICTION AND AN ARTISTIC PROJECT. I don't claim to have reached the bottom of the hole (202m) without rope and fins, as the world record in no-fins discipline is 95m..We made this movie to show another approach in freediving videos.We wanted to express the strenght of the elements water-earth-air and the sensations of freedom, harmony, explorationShot with a canon 5D mark IIMusic: you make me feel – ARCHIVE"

  4. Have you seen the D300S short film that Ami Vitale did for Nikon? I was incredibly impressed with the filmmaking possibilities that vid showed.But this takes it to just another level. Not for the sheer elegance of the vid, not even for the soundtrack (though as you know I am crazy in love with it), but for the staggering emotional impact if of the whole thing.I've watched it almost continuously since you posted it on twitter, so I guess well over 20 times? And I'm just at the stage where I am starting to think about how they made it, but get distracted by wonder all over again. It's doing something serious to my head I tell you!Cheers for this again Flemming. If you were around I'd give you a big hug!

  5. Thanks Charlene :)I have watched it 20-30 times as well, it is now like a drug, I must watch it a few times every day! Already dreaming up trips to the Blue Hole!

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