Nightwalking – Car Wash

I never realised how much I enjoyed walking/running until I couldn’t do it anymore. Before this point, if you asked me about exercise, my standard response would be “anything but running,” despite the fact that I did actually go jogging sporadically.

Two months ago, I injured my knee while jumping around and forgetting I wasn’t a skinny 15 year old any longer. I can walk now but not for long periods of time, which is starting to frustrate me more and more as time goes on. I’m pretty damn sedentary, but walking, or running (which I am still expressedly banned from) has always been a good way to blow off steam, relieve tension, and keep the head in order.

Desperation got the better of me last night, and I decided that pain or no pain, I was going for a long walk. And so I did, just me and some music, along the nearest major road, where it was lit and safer than the quiet roads in this dodgy neighbourhood. Found all these things. So tonight I went back again with a camera, and this is one of those things:







  1. It was pretty creepy! It was completely deserted and poorly lit and I kept expecting someone to jump at me from around a pillar or something. Heh!

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