Nightwalking – The Walls of the WACA

I’ve never set foot into the WACA in all the years I’ve lived here. It always makes me think of an apocalyptic spaceship from an 80s sci-fi flick, in all its monstrous, gargantuan proportions, with a weird fragile melancholy. Its outer walls made for a great exploratory nightwalking session, when I finally decided to take a good look at the concrete beast that crouches down the road from where I work.

There are lots of images in this post, so be warned if you’re on a slower connection.









Still not getting anywhere with building a narrative. Gotta keep trying.



4 thoughts on “Nightwalking – The Walls of the WACA

  1. Ah! You're too modest. And you've got a fabulous eye for detail. There's a story here about conflicting messages; about feeling welcome and repelled at the same time. Which sums up your introduction about this place that attracts you but you've never entered.You've made this building feel like it's cold and bleak…but weirdly compelling.

  2. Thanks Cathy :)I do find it really strange, like it could hold a recreation of an Alien movie quite comfortably. Must get inside one day.

  3. if you've been there on match day you'd very quickly notice quite a few fans start turning into aliens!!! "hey, let's go to the cricket, cheer our country on, and beat the Sh*t outa our fellow country men". i've seemed to get dodgy area's every time i've been haha.nice collection of the barbed wire/brick fence image- reckon it'd benefit from having the sky chopped though. the criss crossing of the brick patterns with the harsh straight lines of the wire is fantastic!the other image I really love is the 4th from the bottom. it's like perfect symmetry, but different at the same time. I can't describe it sorry lol. but i really like it.the others are great as well, you really do have a good eye for picking this stuff out. :-)

  4. Cheers Stephen :))Yup, that sounds pretty damned alien. I've never been to a sporting match in Australia, not the type that plays in stadiums anyhow. Can't drum up the enthusiasm for footy or cricket, especially the latter. Does a more tedious sport exist?! :D

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