Nightwalking – The Way home

Sometime back I was going on about this knee injury I had sustained, that was giving me cabin fever from the lack of movement.

It did funny things to me. Lost a lot of motivation in this time. Haven’t picked up a camera in the last 3 weeks; haven’t wanted to. There didn’t seem to be much of a point. Spent a lot of time watching vids on Vimeo and reading fantasy novels. Moped around. Got on the boy’s nerves. Went through days of being totally distracted and unable to do anything properly. Ate copious amounts of ice cream. I’ve said before that though I don’t actually like running, it’s an undeniably easy and immediate way to keep my head in order. I wasn’t joking.

Well, last night, momentously, I went for my first run in this time. It was more a slow jog than anything (didn’t want to push my luck), but the shortness of breath, the perspiration, the pain from the 50 stitches all over my midsection despite warming up, felt spectacular. I feel like a million dollars this morning. The tension in my body is easing, and my mind is unlosing itself. Dan might soon be able to stop clutching his head and going “argh, you need a blowoff valve!”

Sweating changes the world!

Speaking of blowoff valves, the Patrol is getting a performance exhaust put in today, so it is a Big Day for the boy. Over the last 6 weeks I have heard of nothing but exhaust type comparisons, performance statistics, blowoff valves (and its many names), wastegates (which makes me laugh), listened to sound bites of various Patrols with modified exhausts, and tailing modified 4WDs to listen to how they sound, among other activities. We take our our obsessions seriously around these parts.

It’s a brand new day. Since I’m feeling so upbeat, I’ll leave you with less morose pictures than what I’ve been posting lately. I had gotten lost on foot somewhere in North Perth a while ago, looking for the right road to catch my bus from. Quite fortuitously, as it turned out.











6 thoughts on “Nightwalking – The Way home

  1. Loved the story, I know how incredibly good it must have felt. The brain only seems to really work when the body works, they feed off each other. I know how one gets so build up with frustration and a chaotic mind and then all of a sudden, a tough sweaty run or a bike ride later and the pieces fall into place. Body calms the mind. A nice story of images from Perth as well, funny those Australia suburbs, even though they are very generic I have a feeling I could spot them always in an image.

  2. Yeah Aussie suburbs have a flavour of their own, although I suppose that's true of anywhere.It feels great to be able to move properly again. Major relief!

  3. Glad to hear you got “up and running” again, Charlene. All these are very interesting images. The fourth one of house numbe 429 — as mundane a scene as it may look to those who don’t know Australia first hand — has actually made me slightly homesick… (By the way, “mundane” does not mean boring, the way I’m thinking of it.)

    1. Nah not up and running. Everytime I go for a run I tend to muck my knee up. At the rate I’m going I’ll never run regularly again :(

      I’m glad these have hit a chord with someone. When are you back for a visit?

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