Putrajaya by Night

Make a list of what you want to do/see in KL, my sister told me, once the emails and SMSes containing excited exclamations about the impending trip, died down a little.

That gave me pause. Aside from visiting every known kopitiam in the area for every meal, every day, it hadn’t occured to me to actually go see KL.

PutraJaya (read about it here) ended up being one of the places this tourist was brought to see. I was a bit mystified by why we were going at night, but I’ve never been one to argue with a local, and a good thing too: Putrajaya is magnificent by night. All that great architecture, sculpted gardens, so incredibly lit against the night sky, was a sight to behold.

Putra Mosque


Didn’t get to go in as being in shorts meant I wasn’t appropriately dressed, so had to be content with jogging back and forth around its entrance and extensive perimeter fence to see what I could of it from the outside. Stunning.


Perdana Putra, the Prime Minister’s offices:

Perbadanan government center:


The convention center, which is jaw dropping up close(er):


Putra Mosque from the other side of the lake:


Pretty damned nice happy snaps eh? It’s hard to take a lousy looking photo in this place – I’m still in awe over how they designed the lighting. I’d love to explore the place over several nights, on foot. It’s beautifully crafted and with all that crazy architecture and 300 million lines everywhere, a real photographer’s joy. I didn’t get too many photos that time though, as I’d tumble out the car in between spats of rain to grab shots, stuff myself back in and off we’d go. The rush?

The Seri Wawasan bridge, which I spotted from this vantage point and then was obsessed with, so off we went:


It proved to be stupidly difficult to get to, although we did finally, an hour and several other great bridges later. My brother in law deserves special thanks for his patience with me asking to stop every 2 minutes to look at everything. More to come on this bridge.


  1. Wow. I have been to KL 3 times now and have stayed there for quite a few days on “stopovers”…and seen very little except for the suburb of Ampang and the Twin Towers. This looks incredible, I really must spend more time exploring KL next time !

    I like how you include a lot of black space. Negative space is so important.

    1. Aw, KL’s always gonna be there, but old style Malaysia might not be for too much longer. I assume you’ve had the teh tarik experience at a kopitiam? :)

    2. Well a kopitiam is a coffee shop, literally. Next time you go to Malaysia go to one frequented by locals and order teh tarik. It’s a very Malaysian drink and you have to like sugar – it’s tea made with condensed milk so it’s very sweet and milky. Drank HEAPS of this when I was there. Excellent stuff!


      Well accompanied by a curry puff or samosa or roti canai (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roti_canai) for a light meal :)

  2. You need a ‘eye’ to take these pics ! I took some pics that nite. Same place, same time but mine tate no where near these! These are amazing.

    1. Oooooh, this is the bane of every photographer’s ears, but: I have a really good camera (and lots of practice with it). Really is a world of difference between that and a point and shoot ;) Shane’s gonna be getting ideas now. Hehe

    1. It really is, and every building had its own little lighting style, in tune with the architecture. I was soooo blown away.

      Wait, why am I telling you this, you’ve probably seen this place 5 times in the last year…? :)

  3. The Convention Centre, in the darkness, looks almost like a UFO coming down to land on the highway. Or, maybe that’s just my imagination playing tricks on me.

    I really like the second image in this series also, Charlene. Well done :)

    1. Cheers Beau. I thought it looked like a spaceship too, especially being all blue and full of modern lines at the end of an ornate, traditional bridge. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition.

  4. Hi Charlene

    I lost you on face book but then I found you again. Great series of pics. Love this pic. I added you to my blog which I have finally got up and running x

    1. Yeah i deleted my account and stayed away for a while, but succumbed in the end. Glad to see you have a blog now. I shall be following you closely :)

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