Chasing Bridges

Brilliant stuff, going bridge hunting in Putrajaya while the rain roared down. I was impressively assisted by my sister that night. She who did the splash and dash out the car with the umbrella for me, making sure me and my gear were as dry as possible in the monsoon downpour. Thanks sis!

Did I mention Putrajaya has some gorgeous bridges?


We finally got to the Seri Wawasan bridge (from the last post) after ages of driving around, losing bearings and everyone having to give in to my my constant-distraction requests “ooooooh can we stop for a second to check that out?” I was quite mesmerized by it all.


If you google this bridge you will find some spectacular photos of it. It’s a beautiful structure. But I have no eye for landscapes, and so in keeping with this, all I saw was geometry.




They’re like spaceship constructs. And these are slices of the panorama you get from them:





  1. Radek Kozak says:

    Wow ! I gotta say my eyes like the 5th and 7th – little abstract tint to them and those lines – strong !

    p.s good thing you got sister like this – sticking out umbrella for you in the middle of the downpour night :)

    1. charlene says:

      My sister rocks. I think she secretly had fun though, hehehehe.

  2. sabrina says:

    No-one does this night stuff like you, Charlene! Those bridge images are so cool–they make me dizzy but in a really good way, like I’m flying way up there :)

    1. charlene says:

      There are very cool bridges in this place, and those were just 2 of them. Spaceships in not-so-disguise they are.

  3. Eileen says:

    I saw harps, funnily enough, and thought also of that strange miraculous fountain in Changi Aiport (when there was only one terminal) where the ‘water’ magically travelled down in straight lines in a circular arrangement… Do you know the one I mean?

    1. charlene says:

      Yes!!! Seeing that fountain when it was turned off for maintenance was a tragedy in my child’s mind. Hehehe

  4. Sisters rock, don’t they? (At least when they are helping!)

    I love the abstract shots – scenes from a spaceship indeed!

    1. charlene says:

      Hehehehehe, yes! :D

      Thanks JP :)

  5. Christina says:

    The rain pics turned out beautifully!!! And I certainly had fun. Not often u can ‘play’ in the rain while yr kids are sitting dry quietly.

    1. charlene says:

      So I guess the next time I want to go shooting in the rain, you’re volunteering? I’ll bribe the kids to stay quiet in the car ;)

  6. Cathy says:

    Spaceships indeed! Very cool shots, as always.

    1. charlene says:

      Cheers Cathy :)

  7. I’ve always loved the geometry of bridges, and you capture it so well. That tension between art and physics creates a really dynamic construction, and you really capture that tension.

    1. charlene says:

      Thanks Cynthia. I would have liked to have hung around longer to have a think on it, but the fine periods between the spats of downpour meant it was pretty much a shoot-and-duck deal. I’ve seen some photos of these bridges on a Google search that make my jaw drop. They are incredibly picturesque!

  8. Erin Wilson says:

    So well seen. I agree that the rain adds a lot, especially to the 3rd image down. Almost like a shimmery glass canopy. Lovely.

    1. Charlene says:

      That continues to be the only time I’ve ever successfully made pictures in the rain. Kudos to my big sister for being a capable, enthusiastic umbrella wielder. We both got pretty wet, but the camera remained dry, and functional :)

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