1. A new look! I got so used to the old one…

    And damnit, Charlene, you really are getting the pressure up :D Now I definitely have something to work up to! But at least my planning phase is definitely advancing, currently trying to secure ACCESS.

    I see that the Rear Curtain article is (at least partly) based off your blog posts?

    1. My subject matter isn’t going to change no matter what/who I write for (so yes, more boat nonsense coming from me).

      But Rear Curtain is an opportunity for me to be more disciplined about producing these things, take the time to craft something, rather than whack a blog post out in 30 minutes, which is what I do for this blog.

      I change templates a lot. Be warned!

      1. Obviously the subject matter is the same, but you have me looking forward to seeing how you will put things together for Rear Curtain in the next two installments. I liked the introduction you gave with the first one, a narrative which “outsiders” can get into as well, I feel.

        And yes, I’m never happy with my own templates…

      2. Thank you! That’s a big compliment, coming from someone who works in the industry. The other two are coming tomorrow and the day after (Port Townsend time).

        I am really looking forward to you getting started. Hurry up access!

      3. I think that as soon as we get into the subject matter we’re sort of becoming blind for what “outsiders” will see, or will not see in our works. It reminds me of my mother who I had to teach so many boat related things when I first started talking about it… and she still doesn’t understand it all. The same, I fear, might somewhat be true if we get too deeply immersed into the matter and forget that others might just be asking what this is really about.

        I’m not saying that this is the case with your work, at least I didn’t have the feeling it was. But that was why I thought that your work gives an insight even for people who might not even know where bow and stern are ;)

      4. At the moment, it’s not hard, as it’s a brand new discovery for me too. I’d be thrilled if I ever became even halfway familiar with this stuff, but I shall try to keep it explanatory. I have a feeling it won’t be too difficult. I’ve always been poor with ingesting the technicalities of things, so having to explain it to myself while writing, tends to mean i will end up explaining myself outwards too.

  2. I am struggling to keep up, everyone blogged so much while I was in transit :) This look amazing, C, I must go and read straight away!

    Tug Boats Fridays for the win, yes? :)

    1. Yeah, all this stuff appears to have happened while you’ve been folded up on a plane and uncreasing yourself afterwards. Lots of new content. Isn’t the internet grand? And you in tug boat heaven to boot!

      (I shall forever think of Denmark as the centre of all things tug, given Svitzer is Danish)

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