1. Good idea documenting this, most of these trees would be planted though wouldn’t they? Still amazing how they can survive in such a hostile environment.

    In the Kimberley one can see Gum trees hanging on for dear life, having chosen to grow right on the edge of a tall rock mountain with nothing but rock around it. Amazing.

    1. charlene says:

      I like that you get this :) The original intention of this post was to highlight the ways in which nature deals with the obstacles we humans put in her way. Sometimes there is triumph, often evolution in tandem, and sometimes, like the cut tree in one of the photos, loss.

      I reckon this is the best narrative series I have done yet. One of Sabrina’s tweets from Toronto really twigged something in my brain. I think i am getting some of this stuff that’s been bothering me about understanding contemporary doco photography.

      I have seen some of these gum trees on cliffs. Sheer tenacity. Goes to show, slowly, stubbornly, and easy sometimes does it.

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