1. Through the eyes of Charlene…always different! :)

    I have posted some shots of tugs on my blog for you Charlene and though you would have been all over them by now! :)

  2. Excellent, you really get across how desolate and dark Perth can feel at night. You would see and meet many people at night here in Copenhagen, but then people do actually live in the cbd here, it’s not just offices and shops.

    I have been thinking about it for a long time and now that the days are a lot shorter it’s possible, I will do a night walk n shoot in Copenhagen before I leave inspired by your night walking posts.

    1. There are more people living in the CBD now i gotta say. There have been a host of city centre apartment blocks sprouting up around the place in the last few years. But even those people would drive if they left their place at night, given there’s still not a huge amount of shops etc that are open in the CBD to warrant people actually walking out at night in town.

      Yay for Copenhagen nightwalking. It would be such a different experience to here. I’ll see what I can do to get you nightwalking when you get here. Always good to have company for it these days, when I feel so uneasy walking by myself.

  3. Oooh, these look so edgy. Its funny what darkness can do as I guess most of the shots would look ordinary in day light but you have captured a really gritty feeling. Brilliant as usual.

    1. They’d look completely different in the day. Perth has generally cloudless sunshine of incredible intensity all year round, and consequently (in my head anyway), a sunny, social, extroverted society to match. It is completely different at night. Awkward and alone, not made for the sunless hours.

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