Mirror Image

Spotted these two while stopped at a traffic light one day. In the five minutes it took for the light to change and traffic to crawl on, I managed to take a bunch of pictures of them in conversation, clearly anxious to get in those glass doors.

Wikipedia has this to say about mirroring

  • Crossover mirroring occurs where one person’s movement is matched with another type of action, sound, or different movement.
  • Direct mirroring occurs where a person is facing right on at another. It is used by lovers, people with high familiarity or interest in one-another such as opponents in a contest.
  • Postural mirror-image mirroring occurs where one person’s left side “matches” the other person’s right side shows strong rapport and typically affinity (sociology) or empathy and increasing your own synchronicity with someone can also smooth conversation.
  • Incongruency can be mirrored for rapport. If someone says “Great” but looks or sounds downtrodden, a mirroring reply would be to incongruently say “Good” with a similar down attitude like them.

I spend a lot of time watching people in motion in the city. I’ve never seen body language so distinctly in sync as that of this pair was. Makes me wonder what I’m like when interacting with others – the idea of being able to step outside own physical limitations to observe myself, is at once intriguing and horrifying though. I’m still not sure how much i relish the idea of cringing at me!







12 thoughts on “Mirror Image

  1. I’ve heard of mirroring being a sign of high familiarity and seem to notice it quite a bit. However I’ve never thought about photographing it before…what a neat idea!

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