Featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass!

I was featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass series today.

This is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about my work, or had my portrait taken by a photographer (you get to see my whole face for once), so to say I’m brimming with excitement is understating it somewhat. I’m completely thrilled, and totally chuffed that someone would want to feature me in a series called Masterclass. Seriously.

Go here to read it.

My thanks to Seng of Venture Photography for the opportunity to participate in this :)



14 thoughts on “Featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass!

  1. Absolutely great ! I’m coming back from Christmas and what do i see ? Our Charlene in Masterclass’ interview – this is WAYYY Coool. Your excitement must have spread a little on me too somehow after reading the article cause i’m really thrilled for you. I wasn’t mistaken after all – it IS a matter of time when those kind of things will start to happen for Ya. Now you’re destined to be great :-) Congratulation once again and good luck with the exhibit on FotoFreo [fingers crossed]

    1. Thanks mate! I was surprised to have been asked, truth be told. You’re not doing too badly yourself from all reports. Here’s to 2012 eh? :)

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