1. Those pesky gremlins…took over the account and changed my name from a perfectly reasonable ‘Cathy’ to the above gobbledegook…

  2. It beggars belief really. I can’t think of any rational explanation for a giant green plastic cactus in Perth. A large fake gold nugget perhaps, or a lump of iron ore (or maybe a depiction of a hollowed out ex-mountain), a big ear of wheat (to continue Australia’s obsession with the ‘big [insert object here] ‘ would work, or a giant Akurbra, but cactus – I don’t get it.

    1. Perhaps giant kangaroo paw was too hard to sculpt from plastic? :D Oh we shouldn’t laugh. The other sculptures in the city are pretty cool. Perhaps there’s a curatorial reason for this cactus piece?

    1. *groan* Niki!

      On the bright side, the City of Perth (and the artist whose work this is) will be most gratified :)

      1. Tee hee, actually I do have relations in Perth, cattle farmers, I must ask them what they think, although I can imagine their response already….

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