Editor’s Note: Diario del Peru – Flemming Bo Jensen

Flemming Bo Jensen has launched the limited edition run of Diario del Peru. Email him for a copy with print (13 of 25 gone as i write this, so be quick), or get yourself the book only directly from Blurb.

Watch the video. It’s good fun, promise.

The making of this book has spanned several continents. South America provided the fodder for this undertaking, Australia lit the spark of its conception, and Europe housed the manufacturing and final production stages. It’s been a global undertaking for Flemming.

I had the pleasure of being editor, devil’s advocate, and general nag in this endeavour. The completion of this book is a little extra special to me because of the circumstances around the effort on my end. I was at the low point of a trying situation during the time, having had several rugs pulled out from under me. Helping out with this book was, on darker days, one of the precious few buoys of sanity, affirmation, and an assurance that there was a place and purpose for nut jobs like me somewhere in the world.

As happened with  Asia Stories, Flemming being in Cophenhagen and my being in Perth meant it was a remote effort. Our email count wasn’t as epic as it was while Asia Stories was being produced, but it was supplemented by plenty of instant messaging, PDF commentary and camera phone snapshots of different edits.

Seeing this book grow from concept to reality had many highlights. As with the last book, mutual faith is still at the top of my list. The pace was intense and generally break-neck, and while I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, it suited the personal nature of this book and both our working styles to a T. We are both further along in our practice since the last book, which meant there was more confidence and direction in both the editing and exploratory process from the start, so it was a more efficient effort in all.

As a pointless cog in the corporate machine by day, I’m always hearing about the benefits of bringing your passion to the table, but it is rare for someone to be able to put so much of his- or herself on the line. Doing this in a corporate setting gets you into trouble, as it invites life and the universe into your working parameters, which is wholly “unprofessional.” But when you get the chance risk your beliefs and perspectives with no guarantees, you emerge a little more enlightened, whether or not you “win.” We both got to do this while working on on Diario del Peru: ask the hard questions, receive equally hard answers; rejig, reshuffle, re-converse, ask more questions, do some research, agree, disagree, agree to disagree, ask someone who trusts you to take a risk on your think-so.

I can’t say enough about how valuable that is, and I’m really proud to see this book in print. I will be capering madly when my copy gets here.

How good a book is it? You be the judge.

The limited edition is priced at 60 EUROS / 450 DKR (about 75 USD/AUD) + shipping.13 out of 25 are already sold, so if you are interested, contact Flemming quickly at mail@flemmingbojensen.com
Book only is priced at 27 EUROS (about 200 DKR, 34 USD/AUD) + shipping and local VAT.Diario del Perú – Order directly from Blurb.com


  1. Thanks so much Charlene. For your brilliant inputs, ideas, editing, friendship, passion, everything. This was another really great joint project with total trust, and to anyone else I can only say that editing by remote can work very well. Email, phone messaging, file sharing, comments in PDF files, it can all work superbly!

    Heck I even left out one of my very favourite images because I had to agree with you, it just didn’t fit :)

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