Diario del Peru – a very limited edition

My copy of Diario del Peru arrived last week.

It’s an extremely limited edition – there’s only one.

If you’ve bought the book, or have been reading Flemming’s or my own posts on it, you’ll be familiar with the details, which I will spare you here. Instead, I’ll tell you what struck me most about it.

Seeing it in the flesh didn’t disappoint. The print that comes with the limited edition is done on beautiful, thick paper, and the razed edges of the handwritten certificate adds a little more to the abundant texture of both, for those of us who need to handle things to really absorb them.

The book itself didn’t surprise – I’d seen, discussed and endlessly rearranged those digital drafts with Flemming while he was in the process of putting this book together. But unraveling that leather cord still delivered a bit of a thrill. In a nutshell, what I was very taken by was the stellar care given to every little detail.

For starters, even the plastic wrapping that came with my copy had the special edition stamp.

And what I found so delightful were the little objects that mark your passage through the picture story – passport stamps, hats, currency etc. They jump very realistically from the page. Kudos to Flemming for doing a fine job with these bits (as well as everything else of course).

I loved too, the handwritten pages – that’s Flemming’s real writing folks, painstakingly digitised and transferred to print.

My favourite spread, reflective of the atmosphere and complemented by that amazing portrait, which you will have to pick up a copy to see:

And my favourite image in the whole book:

Right at the end there was a reminder that the Force connects all things, especially those of the Jedi order. It’s all true. It made me grin and momentarily rack my brain as to whether it was in the original draft or not. So good is the digitization of handwriting in the printed book that I couldn’t tell at first glance whether the personalised notes in the book were were printed or actually written.

And of course, that luscious cord and wrap.

How’s that for a great product?

Diario del Peru. Get yours here.


  1. Very cool Charlene and I also have my version. The Flembotaruny has done well!

  2. Charlene did well too – that the end result is rather good is due in huge part to your editing, inputs ideas and nagging :) :)

    Thanks for a great report on the book – special 1/1 Charlene Edition.

    The hand writing was a bit of a process to do since I have a textured background on the pages. So I wrote it, shot it, brought it into photoshop, upped the levels, knocked out white background to do a transparent png file I could then insert in indesign. Same thing was basically done to all the items, hat, passport etc.

    The logo that is glued on the leather wrap is hand torn :) I did not want it to look cut by scissors, everything must look hand made so I tore out the logos by hand all of them (actually using the edge of an iphone to tear along)

    1. I’m definitely impressed by the digitization of your writing and the objects. On that old paper background, they look so very real. All up, it surpassed all my expectations, seeing it in print. Blurb trade books for the win!

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