Pop Tribes Interview

I met Sally Jane Clarke in Italy, where we had gathered for Malini’s wedding in early September. She’s a fellow itinerant, and Australian to boot; we identified with each other immediately.

Sally wanted to interview me for Pop Tribes’ ‪#‎ThePopFemme10 series‬ (her own interview is here), and I found those questions surprisingly hard ones to answer. The past 2 years of my life have been so far outside any personal experience I’ve had to draw upon, that my reigning view of them is best described as “utter confusion.” It took a long time to sift through the jumble in my already addled mind, to pick out the important bits and put them together in some cogent fashion.

So, if you fancy having a read of me rambling on about…well, me, it’s all here: http://poptribes.com/thepopfemme10-charlene-winfred/

Thank you Sally for the interview, and Pop Tribes for publishing it.