#hersideoftheroad, an Instagram project with @womeninstreet

I kick started a new project on Instagram this year with Her Side Of The Street, a fabulous global community of street photographers. My first inkling that a community like this existed, was when I linked to this list, in a post I wrote about my own work. Many months later, by sheer accident, I discovered that the creator of this list, Casey Meshbesher, actually runs a Facebook group for Women Street Photographers.

There is also an Instagram account.

This year, as their official transit enthusiast, I’m curating a transit theme for their Instagram segment: #hersideoftheroad

We’re looking for women’s perspectives on transit – whether on the road, rails, air or water. Show us how transportation frames your world and encounters.

To submit (Instagram only)

Follow @womeninstreet and tag your images with #hersideoftheroad.

(And in case it wasn’t clear: yes, we’re looking for images by women only.)

99% of photographers I know are guys. It’s been quite a revelation to talk shop with other photographers who also happen to be women, both online and in person. In the few short months I’ve been a part of it, I’ve found the community to be an extremely supportive one, and I’m pretty stoked to be doing something with them.

What a great way to kick off photography in 2017.

Passenger on the LRT, Kuala Lumpur

From the Bus: Awaiting fellow travelers at Singapore customs to Malaysia.

Self portrait with a stranger, on the train somewhere in Malmö, Sweden.

Self portrait with a stranger, on the train somewhere in Malmö, Sweden.

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