Day 6 of 100, Singapore

In my milk-teeth memories, the months around Christmas and the new year were when the monsoon shifted its wet, northeastern weight over the region, bringing weeks of moisture that ranged from light drizzle to torrential deluge.

It is the season of respite from the bite of the equatorial warmth. Singapore is 1 degree off the equator, so it’s hot all year round, just a little less so in December.

The monsoon hasn’t made much of an appearance in the last three years, going as far as to draw all the weather away from the region in 2014 for months, leaving us on the edge of water rationing and mild panic.

I’ve missed the rain – the thunderstorms, the afternoon showers, the stickiness of a drizzle after days of build up. Monsoon season used to coincide with long holidays that marked the end of the school year, and even now, it evokes long stretches of free time accompanied by the clatter of rain on windows, and wind ghosting through ventilation gaps in doors and windows.This year it came roaring out of the northeast with rains that vindicated the rose tint of age, sometimes for days on end, the great cataract from the sky.

In the short wane of day, the very air was charged with its lifeblood, the spate at rest.

Flemming lit green by the fluorescent bulb, in a world of red.
Flemming lit green by the fluorescent bulb, in a world of red.


5 thoughts on “6

  1. So beautifully written: “vindicating the rose tint of age”… with these images… and your earlier posts about how this trip felt more like a homecoming… goodness gracious. I promise I will stop commenting on every post, but jeepers!

    1. Heh, Greg, I’m getting practice, trying to read and write more / better.

      Your comments are always welcome. And I look forward to more of your own work. It’s been a while since your last poem.

  2. Ah, not sure what to think about my stuff. Whenever I consider it these days, I’m reminded of the final lines from the track “Time” from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” where Gilmour concludes: “The time is gone, the song is over, // Thought I’d something more to say.” We’ll see, I guess. Thanks for the kind words.

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