Hello again


The Guardian had a call out some months ago, for readers’ art work on the theme of transport. Some days ago I discovered I’d made the cut, and that my picture graces the heading of the gallery, which was curated by Madeline Cornell of the Robert Mann Gallery.

Check it out.

It’s kind of cool.

Ok it’s pretty damn cool. My work isn’t substantial, so it’s a pleasure to think that it might be… some day.


I’ve been neglecting blogging, owing to being in over my head with web work. It’s a state of affairs I’m incredibly thankful for. I came home intent on getting a job of some kind, because keeping body and soul together with the business had seemed dismal for months. It was a pleasant surprise to then have requests coming in from a bunch of new clients. Some found us randomly, many others were referred.

If you’re a current / former client of Flemming’s and my little business, thank  you for sending people over to us, we are very grateful!



One thought on “Hello again

  1. That image on the cover of the Guardian article is so kick ass awesome! Well deserved, damn cool, and just the beginning.

    And yes a huge thank you to all the Coffee and Magic clients, new and old, you are the magic!

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