Roll on 2018!

2017 was a strange year. It started most inauspiciously with my getting screwed by British Airways (don’t know if I’ll ever have the energy to write a post about this incident, so don’t hold your breath), but thankfully, that was not an indicator of the year to come.

2017 highlights

I was part of the Fujifilm X-E3 launch a few months earlier. I’m a big fan of the X-Pro / X-E series of cameras, so I was very happy to be offered the opportunity… and to have this sweeeeet little camera.

Watch the movie above, and if you want to know what I think about it, read The Fujifilm X-E3, small but mighty and The Fujifilm X-E3: a really lightweight video kit.

Dual Vision
Flemming and I were asked by the good folks at Fujifilm Nordic to make a video about why we’re both committed to our respective cameras. We thought we’d try a “silent” movie this time (though it does have a soundtrack), and it was launched just before Christmas. Sit back and enjoy:

Progresso Fotografico
I was featured in Italian photography magazine Progresso Fotografico earlier this year, alongside fellow X-Photographer Klaus Bo. This is my second magazine feature, with the first being Kamera & Bild in 2016.

Roaming Frame
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll probably have heard that Flemming and I launched our new production company Roaming Frame some months ago. We’ve done a lot of video projects together, and truth be told, work our collective best when making movies, so it was a logical next step to make it a thing.

In 2018, I’m looking forward to:

Lots more video
I’ll be working at getting heaps better technically, and bridging the current chasm between the idea and execution. Though I’ve been doing OK so far, I’m not where I need to be skill wise, so I’ll be working very hard to close that gap while I’m here.

This means I’m going to be making heaps of moving pictures going forward. Roaming Frame has a couple of jobs lined up already, and we’re hoping to clinch a couple more in the month to come, so you’ll be hearing more from us over on our blog.

Not traveling
I should stop calling myself a nomad, as I was only one in 2013. Since then, all I’ve been doing is very long commutes between my home (Singapore) and Flemming’s in Denmark, with the odd trip somewhere in between. Flemming and I don’t share a common residency, so to be together, one of us is always counting visa days somewhere else.

This isn’t likely to change in 2018. I’ll be in Singapore at least half the time, which will be productive. This is the only place where I have a room of my own (can’t afford it anywhere else), and some greatly needed solitude. Long stretches of time to myself means I get to work deeper, which I have a sore need for. Pair all of that with blazing fast internet and the world’s best library system (ok, I might be biased, but damn, can I just say that our libraries are incredible), means I can learn things more efficiently here than anywhere else. Practicality aside, there’s also nothing like having space to myself.

Book project
I’m collaborating with a friend on a book project. I can’t say any more, save that I am so very excited about it and you better believe I’ll be sharing the moment the I can. Definitely stay tuned for this one!

This blog has been ailing over the last couple of years. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it for a long while, but stalled for sentiment; as tempting as the delete button is, there’s a lot of history in this little space. Writing is a big item on my agenda for 2018 though, so it might come to life again… I make no promises, but let’s see.

And speaking of writing, I’ll be contributing elsewhere this year:

Roaming Frame blog
Yup, our new production company has a blog! Both Flemming and I will be writing about the work we’ve done, and are doing, so follow along there and stay tuned once we’ve both recovered from the silly season.


FUJILOVE EDITORIAL TEAM 2018 I am extremely proud and happy to announce the excellent 2018 line-up of FujiLove contributors. You can be looking forward to some wonderful Fujifilm X related content, which will be regularly delivered to you by Charlene Winfred @charlene.winfred (welcome to FujiLove Charlene!), Damien Lovegrove @damienlovegrove (yep! Damien will writing for us in 2018!), Take Kayo (no need introducing @bigheadtaco , I guess!), Dylan Goldby @welkinlight (thanks Dylan for your excellent articles so far), Jeff Carter @maclean_photo (happy to have you with us, Jeff!), Piet Van den Eynde @mtwpiet (who if not Piet when it comes to some excellent software tutorials?!), Luca Rossini @rossiniluca (Luca has been inspiring us with his amazing stories since the very beginnings of FujiLove), Kevin Mullins @kevinmullinsphotography (yes, Kevin will be taking care of the FujiLove YouTube channel!), and Dave Kai-Piper @davekaipiper (welcome Dave! glad to have you on board). FujiLove Magazine and the FujiLove website will be getting some nice layout makeovers, YouTube channel will be starting with Kevin Mullins in January, and the FujiLove Podcast is coming back on air as well. You can be looking to even more exciting year 2018 here at FujiLove. Thank you once more so much everyone for your continuous support. Yours truly, Tomash

A post shared by FujiLove Magazine (@_fujilove_) on

I’m on the 2018 editorial team for Fujilove! I’ll be publishing an article a month for the next twelve. If you’re a Fujifilm enthusiast, join the other contributors, the X series community, and I over there.

If you’re a Fuji XF 35mm enthusiast, you might have heard of 53mm, the community dedicated to these lenses, and their equivalent focal length. I’ve been chatting with Iain Palmer, 53mm’s founder, for a little while about a refresh, and am now part of its editorial team! I don’t anticipate writing as much as helping out behind the scenes, but who knows. Look out for shenanigans from the 53mm world soon.

Beyond all of that, I’m looking forward to more fruitful collaborations with my sponsors Fujifilm Nordic, and also meeting a few more of the Nordic X-Photographers (Fujifilm’s official title for their X Series product ambassadors) that I’ve been chatting with over the years. It’s looking to be a year packed with activity, and I sincerely hope that rings true.

New year, new beginnings… roll on 2018!

What are you looking forward to this year?



6 thoughts on “Roll on 2018!

  1. Wow, one busy woman! All of your projects sounds awesome. Love the Dual Vision video. I have the good fortune to have both of those bodies – love them both, but carry the XPro2 daily, alongwith the X100f. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping the 50 f2 on the XPro2 and shooting the x100f for the 23mm – fast way to shoot on the street. The XT2 is mainly used for Landscape/ Architecture work.
    I’ve been holding off on FujiLove but may have to cave in now that you are involved.
    For me 2018, is getting my website finally online and getting my blog in order too., just finished a blurb book for a friend of mine’s business and have more of my own in planning stage. Milnors harping on Shifter has had an effect.
    Looking forward to Roaming Frame’s posts!
    2018….lets make it a great year!

    1. Mark,

      I’ll be contributing to the website, not the magazine, so you should be able to read my articles for free… I think. Not entirely sure, to be honest!

      How are you not making books all the time?! If I lived in the USA I’d be making almost as many books as Dan does. To get a book to Singapore, I pay much more in shipping than I do for the book, AND have to wait a month for it. I love Blurb products, but wish very much that they had a regional printer.

      Happy 2018!

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