June 2014, Fremantle, Western Australia. On the night train.

When I left Oz, I was pretty sure I’d never return. But i spent 14 formative years there. Perth, Western Australia, was where I learned to be an adult, learned to be a photographer, learned to work through fear, learned what I rock (and suck) at, and how to do a bunch of things for myself. Oh and make friends – that’s a big one for a hermit.

WA was where I learned about the bush, about going walkabout (a lesson I took properly to heart), and all in all, about life.

And who I am.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go back, but I do miss, and everyone there. Once you get the salt and red dirt in your blood, it never really goes away.

It was good to hear the old Aussie accent again this morning. Thanks muchly for the chat, Christian and Carwyn, foggy and stuttering a start though it was.