Happy Birthday Flemming!

Very Large Array, New Mexico, USA. April 2013

On this day, 7 years ago, I celebrated the first of what I hope is many birthdays with Flemming.

We were doing some night shooting at the NRAO Very Large Array in New Mexico (well, he was night shooting, I was quietly freezing in the car, being completely unprepared for the cold).

We were at Trinity nuclear test site earlier that day. Then headed to the VLA, met Gene Cole, who is now a Division Head at the observatory, got to climb INTO one of the dishes, and also got a died-and-gone-to-nerd-heaven tour of the observatory and its facilities.

At Trinity nuclear test site, NM, USA.

Proper #nerdvana for 2 nerds celebrating a nerdy birthday.

I wish I could say we were in New Mexico now, hooning down the highway bisecting the Plains of At Augustine.

But things have changed so very much in these last years. So today, Flemming is in Denmark and I’m half a world away in Singapore, as the world faces Covid-19. I wish we were together, but if it means that he is/will be safe and well, then another long stretch of being apart is well worth it. Plus it means I get to wish him in broken Danish for folks to laugh at.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen min skat ❤️ Ses snart, vi håber!

There will be much to celebrate in the new world.

2013 Birthday portrait at the Very Large Array, NM, USA