Photos of my mother

That Christmas cruise to nowhere was my first experience of such a thing. With so few aboard, and Covid-19 measures in place, there wasn’t a lot of activity to shoot. I had my usual model though: Mum.

My mother hates being in front of the camera. She protests / makes faces / waves me away in agitation everytime I point one in her direction.

“Take so many pictures of me for what!”


“Don’t post my pictures on the internet ah!”

“Aiyah Mum, testing only la!” I tell her all the time, which is true. I test lenses, flash things, random photo ideas on her all the time. I think she’s resigning herself to the idea that my living with her = consenting to the hazard of being the default model.

But this does mean I have lots of photos of my mum in motion, across the spectrum of our daily lives. For me, these are the photos that matter, because there’s a raw immediacy to them that a posed portrait can never capture.

The photo at the head of this post? Mum (silhouetted) and I exploring the cruise ship, after the hours long process of Covid-19 testing, results waiting, immigration clearing, trace token collecting, and finally, embarking and getting settled. Funnily enough, we found one of the bars on the forward main deck really fast, and set about toasting a Christmas at sea.