Interview With Travel Photographer Lynn Gail

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“My guiding philosophy would be: When first inspired by a seemingly unachievable goal – one that excites and focuses you like a meditation – follow it, stay with it, play with it. Follow it to fruition; the view is incredible.” If you haven’t read the interview that Lonely Planet and Getty Images travel photographer Lynn Gail granted me in 2016, make some time to do so.


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And just like that, I’m back in the motherland (that’s Singapore, for the uninitiated). I haven’t written a whole lot about New Zealand for several reasons. I’ve never been great at blogging on the go. It takes time for this little brain to process the constant new inputs and fit them into the picture-in-progress before being able to spit out something cogent. Then 2 weeks into the trip, we had a collision with a tractor that totalled our car, but miraculously managed to walk away from with little other than some bruising and sprains. But it did mean we were somewhat injured for the rest of our time there and had to take it pretty slow. So no long hikes or climbs or anything too …