What’s next?

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Day 100 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark This is it, the last post of this Hundred Day Diary. I’m not sure what comes after this yet. I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy small blogging projects. I’ve been keeping one blog or another since 1998. You’d think that at some point, I would have at least tried topical writing, which bloggers have been doing since day one. But why join the crowd when you can make that realization decades later? I digress though. I tossed around writing about living on the road from these lenses: #1 Unglamorous digital nomadhood. The idea of the digital nomad being young, successful, good looking, lithe and bikini-clad (if one is a woman) tapping away on the beach by day, and partying …

Lessons from keeping a daily diary

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Day 99 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark This is it, the second last post of this Hundred Day Diary project. Most of these posts have been drivel, but regardless, it’s been challenging to keep a public daily diary. 1. Writing something cogent everyday is hard. I write reams of gibberish all the time, but sifting through all the voices in my head to produce a piece that starts and ends with structured thought? I may have managed that once. But as I mentioned on day 80, producing a post a day has meant that I don’t have the time I need, to reflect on stuff for longer posts. I am not suggesting that somewhere in this addled mind is a tome of wisdom waiting to be …

Different eyes

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Day 98 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark If the vast majority of work that is being done is overwhelmingly male, western and of a privileged class, how does that affect our ability to tell stories? Well, I think it does a few things; at the very least it creates a vocabulary of image making that is more restricted. We see what is considered a ‘successful’ photograph or series and that becomes what we emulate and thus the diversity of image creation is stagnated, as well as defined by a white, male western eye. But this isn’t the big issue at hand; the reason the colonialism of photojournalism needs to be combated is because, at it’s very worst, it erodes the foundational ethics and values of photojournalism …

Experimentation – phone shooting

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Day 97 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark I’m almost done with my hundred days. It has been a good project, and many thanks to those of you (12 now, a 400% increase from the last count of 3!) who have been following along. It got easier to keep to as the days went by, simply by giving myself the leave to write whatever the hell I’d felt like writing. Something else I did in tandem with this writing project, was shoot with my phone. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never liked shooting with a phone. It’s not a thing I enjoy holding, slippery, finicky a sliver as it is. I do love post processing on the phone though. My present phone – a Xiaomi Mi4 – …

Travellers, travelling.

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Day 96 of 100, Farsø, Danmark And back we are from Vejle. This week has been: Farsø (DK) to Hannover (DE) Hannover (DE) to Farsø (DK) Farsø (DK) to Vejle (DK) Vejle (DK) to Farsø (DK) That is a lot of train travel, even for one who likes travelling by rail. A lot of administrative matters to attend to, two talks to give, and one’s own unbelievable stupidity to reinforce (because where would be the fun in being smart all the time, I ask you?), among other things. But it’s done. The many items that have filled Flemming’s and my task lists since we landed in Europe at the beginning of March, are concluded. All done. I need to sleep for three days.


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Day 94 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark In the midst of this all this moving around, I managed to make some prints. Which arrived right before we set out for Hannover. They are neither extravagant nor exciting, just some pharmacy six by fours so I can have a look at my pictures in more tangible fashion. I’ve been carrying them around with me, thinking about why some of them work in print and not on screen, and others don’t in print but do on screen. I’ve come to some preliminary conclusions that I’m not going to share, largely because you’ve read it all before, and really, it’s five lousy prints. It does hammer home my wish to print more though. In my head, a photograph should …


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Day 95 of 100, Vejle, Danmark Spinderihallerne, a repurposed cotton mill, is quite the venue for an office. Fujifilm Nordic’s account manager Ib Thordal has his here, an bright, spacious warehouse-y place filled with eclectic people from all walks of creative life. It has enough open spaces to host, among other things, the Food Photo Festival taking place this weekend. As mentioned in one of the last posts, Flemming and I did our nomad travel talk in the Fuji corner of this festival. I spoke, among other things, about experiencing Jerod Foster’s Junction Intersession back in 2013. And of course, as it always does, this photo of Mark Kirkpatrick, Llano River Ranch’s manager, pops up: Mark cuts a legendary figure. After the talk was done, …

Off the rails

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Day 93 of 100, Germany – Denmark Today we made what feels like the tenth journey from Germany to Denmark in these couple of months, though it’s more the 5th or 6th in either direction. In two days, Flemming and I go back to Hobro station and head that way again, though only a short distance this time. We stop at Vejle on Saturday, where we give a joint presentation about our lives at nomads at the Food Photo Festival, for Fujifilm Nordic. What we have to say has little to do with food, although we have a few food pictures in our talk. Said pictures don’t belong at a food photo fair though. If there’s one thing both Flemming and I are really bad …

Lingo bingo

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Day 92 of 100, Hamburg, Germany The one plus about reading Danish at a 5 year old’s level is the ability also, to read signs in German. I can intelligently guess my way around German airports and train stations, diner menus and supermarkets. For example: Potato is kartoffel in both Danish and German. Ditto soup / suppe. Anything related to the flesh of swine is svine (Danish) and schwein (German). Passport control = pas kontrol Exit = afgang (DK), ausgang (DE) Hi = Hej = Hallo And so on. My knowledge of either language is not even basic, but it’s a workable system that gets me by without having to rely on Google Translate for everything. Until, of course, I start thinking I don’t have …


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Day 91 of 100, Hannover, Germany A couple of nights before we headed to Hannover (for the nth time), a silver fog rolled in. The old lady’s brewing, they said in the old days. A deer barked in the gloaming. The kraken thrashed. Mare came at midnight.