My final projection piece for Magnum Workshops Fremantle 2012 with Antoine D’Agata. What a week! Edit: You can also see these images, plus a couple more that didn’t make it into the slideshow, here. Music: Phillip Glass, Metamorphosis 2


A little bit Hollywood

I’ve been at Magnum Workshops Fremantle the past week, under the tutelage of the wonderful Antoine D’Agata. It has been an intense week, of non-stop shooting, editing, and plenty of conversation with Antoine and workshop mates. Five days on the brink …


Stranger Portraits

These few are the first I’ve actually gone out of my way to do. It was uncomfortable and felt incredibly intrusive to me, but perhaps I was the only one that felt that way. Plenty of refinements needed in approach, …


Featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass!

I was featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass series today. This is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about my work, or had my portrait taken by a photographer (you get to see my whole face for once), so to …


Domke Lovin’

A sand coloured Domke F-7 came into my life two weeks ago. I had been looking for a big camera bag for months, as my existing bags were getting too small to cope with my working gear, with one of …


Mirror Image

Spotted these two while stopped at a traffic light one day. In the five minutes it took for the light to change and traffic to crawl on, I managed to take a bunch of pictures of them in conversation, clearly …


Asia Stories | Flemming Bo Jensen

I am proud to present my book Asia Stories featuring stories from Papua New Guinea, Laos and Cambodia. The images in this book contain some of the stories that have affected me deeply during the first two years of my …


transit framed

While working on another piece for Rear Curtain, I came across a whole series of photos taken through a bus window. As a daily commuter, I take the whole sitting-on-bus-until-station thing for granted. But when talking to people who drive, …