On the bus, and some thoughts on being a photographer

I’ve been neglecting bus pictures of late. I got frustrated for a while there, as I kept taking the same sort of pictures over and over again, constrained by where I could sit to actually get these pictures, and the …



Nightwalking is mostly a lonesome activity, one that requires solitude and space to exist. If you share it, it must be with someone who appreciates shadows, or it will lose its mystique and become a thing for all to see: …


Tug Boat Dreaming

Photographers that pursue long term projects usually possess a great amount of knowledge around their chosen subject matter, whether through extensive research, sheer curiosty, the love of it, necessity, or all of the above. At the outset of my now-labelled …


Nightwalking – The Way home

Sometime back I was going on about this knee injury I had sustained, that was giving me cabin fever from the lack of movement.


Thoughts in the blue hour

I read a great article on the Importance of Personal Work by Nick Hall yesterday morning, thanks to the Pixelated Image twitter feed.


Nightwalking – Chemical Ghosts

Across the road from the previously mentioned apocaplyptic interstellar vessel, is a likely facility of Dr Moreau‘s. What dark creatures are brought to life here?


Nightwalking – The Walls of the WACA

I’ve never set foot into the WACA in all the years I’ve lived here. It always makes me think of an apocalyptic spaceship from an 80s sci-fi flick, in all its monstrous, gargantuan proportions, with a weird fragile melancholy. Its …


Nightwalking – Thoughts of Home

Home, where the heart is. Plain enough of a concept, one I’ve never grasped. “Home” to me, has always meant “the place where I’m staying,” sans the inherent warmth and glow and ties and sentiments that the word evokes. It’s …


Nightwalking – Car Wash

I never realised how much I enjoyed walking/running until I couldn’t do it anymore. Before this point, if you asked me about exercise, my standard response would be “anything but running,” despite the fact that I did actually go jogging …

Lomos: New take on an old classic

Vladimir Putin is many things: former KGB agent, confident world leader and keen judo player to name but three. His role as a saviour of experimental photography is less well known. Full article here