Stranger Portraits

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These few are the first I’ve actually gone out of my way to do. It was uncomfortable and felt incredibly intrusive to me, but perhaps I was the only one that felt that way. Plenty of refinements needed in approach, but considering how I’ve always shied away from exactly this, it’s a milestone.

Featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass!

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I was featured on Venture Photography’s Masterclass series today. This is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about my work, or had my portrait taken by a photographer (you get to see my whole face for once), so to say I’m brimming with excitement is understating it somewhat. I’m completely thrilled, and totally chuffed that someone would want to feature me in a series called Masterclass. Seriously. Go here to read it. My thanks to Seng of Venture Photography for the opportunity to participate in this 🙂

Domke Lovin’

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A sand coloured Domke F-7 came into my life two weeks ago. I had been looking for a big camera bag for months, as my existing bags were getting too small to cope with my working gear, with one of them also splitting some seams. So I was after a replacement with the following requirements: Big enough to hold all my weekend working gear in one bag Side pockets allowing for easy access to frequently used items like memory cards and batteries – I’ve owned a few bags in this time and none of them have pockets that are quickly and easily accessible. Tough – i kick, drag and generally mistreat my bags woefully. The ones made of nylon don’t last very long. Simple – …

Mirror Image

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Spotted these two while stopped at a traffic light one day. In the five minutes it took for the light to change and traffic to crawl on, I managed to take a bunch of pictures of them in conversation, clearly anxious to get in those glass doors.

Asia Stories | Flemming Bo Jensen

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I am proud to present my book Asia Stories featuring stories from Papua New Guinea, Laos and Cambodia. The images in this book contain some of the stories that have affected me deeply during the first two years of my life on the road. The experiences I gathered, people I met, places I visited, and lessons I learnt, changed me almost completely. Little exists of the person I was before. The books is 138 pages, hardcover with dust jacket and printed on gorgeous thick Mohawk uncoated cotton paper with a lovely textured art feel to it. – Flemming Bo Jensen

transit framed

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While working on another piece for Rear Curtain, I came across a whole series of photos taken through a bus window. As a daily commuter, I take the whole sitting-on-bus-until-station thing for granted. But when talking to people who drive, cycle or even catch the train to work, it’s apparent that it actually does offer its own unique experience to other forms of commuting (not in a good way, the non public transport users will pooh-pooh). Such as: The driver giving you a sound scolding for flagging him down while looking at your phone A new driver getting his route thoroughly wrong and taking you on an unexpected tour of the neighbourhood Being able to listen to a bunch of drivers joking with one another …