transit framed

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While working on another piece for Rear Curtain, I came across a whole series of photos taken through a bus window. As a daily commuter, I take the whole sitting-on-bus-until-station thing for granted. But when talking to people who drive, cycle or even catch the train to work, it’s apparent that it actually does offer its own unique experience to other forms of commuting (not in a good way, the non public transport users will pooh-pooh). Such as: The driver giving you a sound scolding for flagging him down while looking at your phone A new driver getting his route thoroughly wrong and taking you on an unexpected tour of the neighbourhood Being able to listen to a bunch of drivers joking with one another …

Thoughts on editing (part 2)

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I picked up Robert Adams’ Summer Nights, Walking recently, and going through it for the first time felt like a smack on the back of the head. You know my penchance for nightwalking? Well, this book contains a collection of images from a pioneering night walker. This is a strange book, in that there aren’t any standout images in it, in my possibly unworthy opinion. I’ve never looked at a photography book without one “wow” image in it, so it’s a first. However, when I closed the book, what did stand out was the strong essence of the tale, that lingered. You could say I am biased because of my own fondness for wandering streets at night, but I think it’s more than that.

Thoughts on editing (Part 1)

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I have been thinking a lot about editing, how I am ever going to do it with my own work, and coming to no particular conclusion. Dan Milnor was right when he said here: “Typically we get too attached to our imagery and have difficulty making good decisions.”

Row Row Row Your Boat

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will know I dream about tugboats sometimes – granted, dreaming is about as much as i get to do about them these days. I like all sorts of boats though. I like the way most of them smell – of brine, fuel, fish, rotting seaweed, barnacle, wet rope, rusting anchors and other things. I love the shape of them, the way they move in the water; some, foursquare and unshakable as anything, others that roll and pitch in a ripple, and still others that skim the surface with sheer contact, like sea birds. I don’t know much about boats; they simply appeal to the aesthetics of all my senses (except perhaps taste; i’ve yet to go that far). …

Nightwalking – Impressions

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I often think, during my desk bound days, of how I’d love to be out there just walking around endlessly, swinging arms, joyous feet and all that. The closest I get to this usually, is heading out to get lunch. Otherwise i spend most of the day ergonimized in an office chair. Not quite Han Solo frozen in carbonite, but some days, I swear it’s not too far away. The truth is though, even when I did have nothing better to do than roam the sidewalks endlessly day after day, I never did.

Chasing Bridges

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Brilliant stuff, going bridge hunting in Putrajaya while the rain roared down. I was impressively assisted by my sister that night. She who did the splash and dash out the car with the umbrella for me, making sure me and my gear were as dry as possible in the monsoon downpour. Thanks sis! Did I mention Putrajaya has some gorgeous bridges? We finally got to the Seri Wawasan bridge (from the last post) after ages of driving around, losing bearings and everyone having to give in to my my constant-distraction requests “ooooooh can we stop for a second to check that out?” I was quite mesmerized by it all. If you google this bridge you will find some spectacular photos of it. It’s a beautiful …