Nightwalking – The Walls of the WACA

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I’ve never set foot into the WACA in all the years I’ve lived here. It always makes me think of an apocalyptic spaceship from an 80s sci-fi flick, in all its monstrous, gargantuan proportions, with a weird fragile melancholy. Its outer walls made for a great exploratory nightwalking session, when I finally decided to take a good look at the concrete beast that crouches down the road from where I work. There are lots of images in this post, so be warned if you’re on a slower connection.

Nightwalking – Thoughts of Home

Charlene journal 8 Comments

Home, where the heart is. Plain enough of a concept, one I’ve never grasped. “Home” to me, has always meant “the place where I’m staying,” sans the inherent warmth and glow and ties and sentiments that the word evokes. It’s simply a dwelling I come back to after the working day, shower, eat and sleep, a place where my stuff is stored.