Seattle Central Library

I didn’t count on doing any nightwalking while I was in the USA in January, as I wasn’t sure how well I’d handle the cold.More

13 was always my lucky number

Today marks my real new year. 10 January 2013 is my last day as a gainfully employed, regular pay-check earning, “real job” holding person.More

Riding That Bronc

Young champions to be at the 2012 International Indian Finals Rodeo, dreaming of future glory astride a four legged fury. More

Pie Town Portraits

Portraits. I’ve not done much of them, and with few exceptions, been too intimidated to put myself out there to get any decent ones. The reason I often cite as the source of my reluctance to go out there and make portraits of strangers, is my muted horror at the invasiveness of sticking a camera…More