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Daffodils gather elsewhere, but in Trend, the clouds wander, alone with the Milky Way. I’ve been making a lot of black and white pictures of late – a symmetry of mood and creative impulse perhaps. My eye appears to have traded its attraction to colour for tone. Then once in a while, I’m shocked by what the world gives me. The beach in Trend, a small town perched on the craggy shores of the Limfjord, is a favourite escape lately. Every visit is different, a reminder to attend to the world, despite the veil of uncertainty that tightens around us all.

Winter, Chapter 2.5: Castle in fog

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Hillerød, Denmark, early March This one’s a throwback to that crazy foggy day I woke up to, at the beginning of this trip to Denmark. I look at these pictures now, a month and a half after they were made. I can’t believe myself that I was there, wandering around a the quiet town center that morning. Buildings were ghosting in and out of sight, as were people. It’s a funny thing, memory. Some parts are so distinct and others are mutable depending on the state of mind. The sights in the photos seem unreal, but I can remember the crispness of the cold on my face, exhaling clouds of ice. The castle itself was barely visible unless you were right in its grounds, surrounded …

Winter, Chapter 3: Of Frozen Lakes

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Above: skaters on Peblinge Sø in Copenhagen last week. We made our trip to Copenhagen on another sub zero day. It was windy too, as it seems to always be in this city. Walking into the freezing wind from Nørreport station to where we were headed in Nørrebro, was… I don’t remember. I think my world might have shrunk to the one spot somewhere inside my 2 scarves that was a bit warm. Then we hit Queen Louise’s Bridge (Dronning Louises Bro). The lakes flanking the big bridge had frozen over. And there were people on the ice. The odd patches of rippling water were slate on Peblinge Sø’s otherwise frozen surface. People, inelegant dark grains on that field of white. Swans, stately ice sculptures …

Winter, Chapter 2: A few of my favourite things

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I was going to write about a spectacular Copenhagen winter scene that I came across the other day, but it’ll have to wait. Namely because three of my favourite things converged this morning: 1. Castle 2. Snow 3. Fog I want to say it doesn’t get any better than this, but it hasn’t even been a fortnight, so let’s see what else the frigid north brings. And I do also realize that March 1, when I wrote Chapter 1, is officially spring. But there was really no indication of this, given the wild weather happening in this corner of the world. (Phone pictures. Camera pictures another day)

Winter, Chapter 1

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Hillerød, Denmark Yesterday, I woke to a perfect winter morning. Clear skies, sunlight pouring down, the air crackling crisp. So as you do(n’t), I stuck my head out of the window to take a deep breath. A hearty gust of wind swung by. All of the air in my lungs froze solid. It was -9 °C. Note to self: it’s winter. The frozen north and all that. Random follies aside, the past week has been amazing. People tell me about crisp white winters in Norway and northern Sweden, and it’s a treat to experience the same in Denmark, where winters are typically grey and damp. The “Beast from the East” is wreaking havoc all over Europe, but has so far brought only untypical light to …

Danish Winter: an introduction

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Hillerød, Denmark Danish winters: Grey. Drear. Heavy skies and unending gloom in the deep chill. If i was lucky, snow. And it did, on the very first night. Snow is a continuing novelty for this tropical tourist. As is fog. We’re presently staying in a town north of Copenhagen called Hillerød, where the graceful spires of Frederiksborg Castle, King Christian the Fourth’s magnum opus of residences, graces the horizon from the center of town. To see its grandness shrouded in fog and snow, would be one of those life-is-complete experiences. To one who doesn’t live in reaches that suffer a lack of sunlight for half the year, there is always an upside to gloom. Having never experienced winter in Scandinavia, I was looking forward to …