The New Fujifilm X-T10 Promotional Movie and Sample Photos

Made in Australia, finished in Singapore, published in Copenhagen. This was an international effort. If you’ve been keeping up with the rumblings about this camera, wait no more! Read all about it: Official press release | My Professionals Review on The X-T10’s product page Check the X-Photographer promo movie out right here. It stars yours truly, armed with octopus hair, […]

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What The Banksia Said

I took the picture above on a warm evening in March, getting to know a new camera while out walking. I was frustrated. Flemming and I arrived in Perth at the start of February, and stagnation set in immediately – office work (which I came back for), website work, creative work. Nothing I had done since, had provoked any movement. Frustration mounted. The light […]

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In fine tradition of birthday portraits since I started celebrating them with him, a portrait of the artist as a 903-year-old, which he turned yesterday.

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