Karekare Beach

Charlene vagabonding 12 Comments

Auckland, October 2017 …is where Oscar winning The Piano was filmed. When Sherry and Jeff brought me there in 2012, it was a gusty grey day. It is how I remember Karekare beach. And it was grey again when I returned on this trip. Fog roiling on the peaks of the mountains that guard the continent from the treacheries of the ocean. A persistent drizzle falling, heavy skies and a wind that curled its way around my bones into my heart… while the locals were in shorts. Eighty seven shades of nightfall, at noon. And just in case you were after some color… It feels at this point, like I could shoot nothing but Karekare beach for another few years. Didn’t think an inner landscape …

Shades of New Zealand

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New Zealand, lush and alluring, whispers in my dreams back in the arid, sunny state I presently call home. Its draw is undeniable. 100% Pure. I spent the first two days of September with my friends Sherry and Jeff in and around Auckland, where we were all transiting on our collective way to the USA – a happy coincidence of flights and timing if there ever was one.