Singapore of Stockholm

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In early June this year, I was in Stockholm for an afternoon to give a presentation at Fujifilm Nordic. At some point during the proceedings, I had an hour to walk around Stockholm by myself. It was Sweden’s national day, so aside from a numerous wedding parties at City Hall, the waterfront was quiet. I headed for the old city which couldn’t have been more than a kilometer or so away, guided by its distinctive outline of spires, so different from the angular urban skylines I’m used to. It was breathtaking from a distance. I’d never been to Stockholm before this, and I was taken aback by how gorgeous it is. Not only for its spires and old buildings (as a child of a young nation, I am irresistibly drawn to the weight of history in …

Tugboat Friday

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Today – appropriately, a beautiful, crisp autumn day – is Tug Boat Friday. I feel like saying “the rest of my life” because I finally have the clearance to get into the port as much as I like, but perhaps that would be exaggerating things. But I did get on some tugs today. And you better believe I can’t wait for the next time. For more posts on tugs, go here. And for the Tug Boat Dreaming gallery, go here.

Tug Boat Dreaming

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Photographers that pursue long term projects usually possess a great amount of knowledge around their chosen subject matter, whether through extensive research, sheer curiosty, the love of it, necessity, or all of the above. At the outset of my now-labelled Realistic Project, I feel it’s important to establish that I know next to nothing about my chosen subject matter at this time, and that you’ll be following me on my journey of getting to know tugs, as well as my experiences of being on them.