Winter, Chapter 3: Of Frozen Lakes

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Above: skaters on Peblinge Sø in Copenhagen last week. We made our trip to Copenhagen on another sub zero day. It was windy too, as it seems to always be in this city. Walking into the freezing wind from Nørreport station to where we were headed in Nørrebro, was… I don’t remember. I think my world might have shrunk to the one spot somewhere inside my 2 scarves that was a bit warm. Then we hit Queen Louise’s Bridge (Dronning Louises Bro). The lakes flanking the big bridge had frozen over. And there were people on the ice. The odd patches of rippling water were slate on Peblinge Sø’s otherwise frozen surface. People, inelegant dark grains on that field of white. Swans, stately ice sculptures …

One night in Copenhagen

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I walked around the center of Copenhagen for hours today. And realized with a jolt, that after all the time I’ve spent here – every summer for the last 3 years – I’ve never been out in it on my own. This being Flemming’s home city, I’m always with him when we’re here. But today I padded around the city in the way I’ve done in so many others as long as I’ve lived this travelling life: Alone, allowing its rhythm and melody to settle under my skin. Made some pictures. Lots of crap, as always happens when I am somewhere new (and Copenhagen might as well be new, for all the attention I haven’t paid it until now). There might be an award winner …


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When I snapped this photo back in 2013 in Frederiksborg Slot, it was because I couldn’t resist the analogy of knights and shining armor begging to be made (and the light falling on both was beautiful). But our lives aren’t half as burdened as those who live in distress, and/or fight in enough metal to construct a car with. The thing that was probably going through my head at the time of this shot, having used nothing but a 50mm for over a year, would have been “gee, things look weird in wide angle.” Photo: Fuji X-Pro 1, XF 18mm f2


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Artist Dries Verhoeven has a project called Ceci N’est Pas…  being shown in Copenhagen at the moment (if you read Danish, read the article on Politiken). That day’s installation involved a woman in the nude sitting in that glass box, wearing a mannequin’s face (literally). A provoking commentary on our increasing fixation with youthfulness in an ageing society.

Georg(e) the Danish Bicycle

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July 2014 This year’s Copenhagen photo project didn’t involve any headless aliens. It was instead, all about a red bicycle. Georg(e) is his name, and he was waiting for me when I arrived in Copenhagen on the 1st of July. George is the color of Dannebrog, the Danish flag, and he has carried all the men in Flemming‘s family at one point or another throughout his 20-odd years.