The Challenge of True Solitude | Brian Bolster

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This is one of the most beautiful short films I’ve ever watched, made by filmmaker Brian Bolster. Magnificent in its still, poetic frames, spare narrative, and quiet, spacious edits, it’s a gorgeous telling of Oceanic Hotel winter caretaker Alexandra de Steiguer’s story, and the draw of living in an empty hotel in a weather lashed island, during the cold. I’ve watched it around 15 times at this point, over the course of a couple of years. Every viewing reveals something more about the story. Absolutely worth 15 minutes of your time.

Thinking Beyond: on making a first film

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7110 – The number of times Beyond has been played since it was released ten days ago. It’s been featured on PetaPixel, F-Stop Lounge and Monster Children. David Hobby, yes the Strobist, has shared it on Google+. It’s been shared among our collective friends, family and followers more times than either of us can keep track of. I’m not entirely sure what to think of the hubbub that my little documentary about Flemming has generated. On one hand, I’m thrilled to bits, on the other I’m all “!!!!!!!!” I’ve received an amazing amount of messages from people everywhere with support and encouragement. My mother said it was “awesome!!!!!” and that Flemming’s story made her too, wish she could travel forever. My mom’s a tough customer. …

BEYOND: the film

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Beyond from Charlene Winfred on Vimeo. Credits: Starring: Flemming Bo Jensen Directed, filmed & edited: Charlene Winfred Additional audio editing: Flemming Bo Jensen Soundtrack: “Nature Boy” by Jose Feliciano. Score by Michael Brooks, James Horner, Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman, Ukendt Kunster Red Couch image by Laura Gerwin Special thanks to Daniel Milnor for the title of this film On the making of this movie I’ve never made a movie before, so every second of this project was a novel experience: from how to hand hold a small DSLR still in a howling storm, to  properly directing the star (“no no no don’t turn that way, turn the other way, quick quick!”), to how to condense 1.5 hours of audio dialogue and 7 hours of …