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Awakened from a nap by a stream of music, some singing and what sounded like jumping around, I found the above scene in our kitchen here in Guanajuato. What’s going on, you ask? It’s Fujifilm X-Photographer Flemming Bo Jensen giving up photography. Remember, you heard it here first!

Get In The Loop – How To Make Great Music Images | Flemming Bo Jensen

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Music Photographers, GET IN THE LOOP – How To Make Great Music Images is a newly released ebook by Flemming Bo Jensen! Read more and buy it here: http://flemmingbojensen.com/ebook/ ** FIRST 20 buyers get $2 off, use discount code 20FIRST ** I’ve worked a lot of gigs with Flemming, over the past 2 years, from the very first gig at Trailerpark in 2013, to Distortion 2015 most recently. Everything (and more!) that I’ve learnt about shooting these sorts of events is condensed into this hefty book. There are 220 pages discussing: How to get started :: How to get in the loop! How to create your portfolio, get known, get paid. Preparations :: How to prepare, client meetings, prepping gear, venue, light, stage, sound checks, being in the pit. Camera …

Just because…

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…I can. The number of gear-related hits I’m getting are a little bit alarming. If you’re new to this site, you should probably know that I don’t write about gear much, and when I do, it’s inevitably use-based. I use good gear and there are plenty of others who can tell you, more lyrically than I, about why and how its technology amazing. With good tech as a base, I prize my gear for how well it enables me to do the kind of work I like to do, and to explore the work I’d never otherwise be doing. I’m happy to tell you about what gear I use, but for everyone who’s been kind enough to drop me an email to ask me about gear advice, I really can’t tell …

The making of the Fujinon XF 16-55 video: A $4.20 product shoot with the X-T1

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One of the pleasures of shooting the Fujinon XF 16-55 video, was figuring out how to showcase the product on its own. I mentioned in the X-T1 filming review, that I’d wanted to transpose a car commercial style onto the product showcase itself, so this was what I worked on. These are the original clips used in the movie, slightly sped up: What did I use to these film product clips of the XF 16-55mm? A few very simple, and cheap things: 1 x A2-sized black sheet for a surface & backdrop (SGD $1.40) 1 x stack of books as a camera stand (SGD $0 if you happen to visit the library regularly) to create my “set” in my old bedroom in Singapore:   For the all important lighting to sweep the lens with: 1 x cheap torchlight (SGD $2.00), …

Memory, dog

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“Daisy never left my side. We took long, long walks into the fields surrounding our farm… That is my happy place in my mind, my home, refuge when the shadows catch up and it is time to run again, when, like now, I am homesick for a home that no longer exists, when I have time-traveled too much alone for too many years on too many planets, when the world spins too fast, when I am lost in a great sea of darkness. Then I walk into the field. With Daisy.” – To Be a Kid Again: Luke and Chewie Flemming relives an old memory, with Ben. It may just be particular affinity, but there is great comfort to be had, with a dog.