A little bit Hollywood

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I’ve been at Magnum Workshops Fremantle the past week, under the tutelage of the wonderful Antoine D’Agata. It has been an intense week, of non-stop shooting, editing, and plenty of conversation with Antoine and workshop mates. Five days on the brink of nirvana means I have plenty of thinking to do, digesting everything I’ve learnt and turning it over in my head and photography practice, trying to make sense of it in the context of my present life and plans for the future.


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If portraits are supposed to capture a person’s essence/character, I’ve totally failed with this one. Flemming comes across very differently in real life than in photos. There’s just something quite significant missing here… perhaps the Force is hard to capture in an image. I finally got to meet Flemming for the first time on Friday, after a couple of years of online interaction, blog comments, twitter conversations, emails etc. And it was a bit strange, like meeting a long lost friend without actually having met them before. This meetup was fairly off the cuff (famous wanderers have busy calendars), so I was too thrilled to think about it too much, which was good: hermits have been known to spontaneously combust if left to dwell on the …