Foggy Ground

Charlene journal 8 Comments

The most ordinary of things are rendered strange by fog. Self, other, sight, direction. Landscape and memory. This Danish summer had been untypically sunny as it always is when I am there; the day before, crop fields undulated for miles in the clear air, bare and golden after the harvest. This image is part of a larger essay that I have up on Kage Collective. Check it out.

KAGE Collective

Charlene journal 7 Comments

I am a part of the KAGE Collective. Whoa. I’ve been aware of Kage for a long time, as Flemming has been a member for yonks. The Kage guys are all respected professionals in their fields, and I follow most of the others on various online channels. As an X-series user, I’m interested in what they do with these cameras we have in common. As a photographer, I’m intrigued by how each presents his view of the world, and how it evolves over time. So when I was asked to be a part of Kage, I lost my eyebrows somewhere on the ceiling. In a previous post, I wrote about finding community, and opportunities to grow in my craft, in the digital world. I wasn’t expecting my words to manifest in this spectacular fashion, a day after writing them. It’s an honour to be …