Suburbia #10

The magic of a night ride. Copenhagen, Denmark. Part of the Suburbia series

Superhero III

March 2014, Copenhagen: The invisible child


Converging Lines, Copenhagen

March 2014, Copenhagen: I’ll always think of Copenhagen as the place where things came together. The crossing of impossible borders by actually getting to Europe (I still cannot believe I got there, and am going back again), artists to collaborate with, …


Fuji X day, Copenhagen

March 2014, Copenhagen: For an aspiring nomad, I’ve done no travelling at all for the last 5 months. Heading to Copenhagen for a couple of weeks in the middle of March for my first duty as an official Fuji X-Photographer …


Wonderful Copenhagen: On Impossible Things

“Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen!” was the refrain that greeted me over the phone line, every time my Dad was reminded it was where I was heading in July for another, extended Mad and Magic Raving reunion. It turns out that centuries …