A clear moon over Truchas

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November 2014, New Mexico The High Road to Taos traverses some spectacular landscapes – from the soft hues of the high deserts to the alpine lushness of the mountains. It’s the landscape of my dreams. Promises of unbroken silences abound, a picturesque prospect of peace. Along this road, lies a little town called Truchas. It has a fascinating formative history, some of which is still reality, owing to geographical isolation. Its quietness whispers discovery …

Some kind of paradise

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When you cruise down the main street of Truth or Consequences, you’re greeted by vintage signs from which paint peels, a multitude of empty shopfronts, and a hazy-Sunday vibe. It’s the closest city to Spaceport America, but walking around the streets, it feels as though most of the town hasn’t realized that half a century’s gone by since it went from being Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences, for the honour of hosting an NBC show …


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El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico In all the time I’ve spent in New Mexico over the past couple of years, one thing remains constant: in the end, the light always comes through. Or maybe it’s just being here, that fires the neurons in that particular way.

The Very Large Array

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 Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough. ― Richard P. Feynman The first time I ever set eyes on the Very Large Array, I experienced a surge of euphoria. It was 2012, and I was in the car with Brian …

Retrospecting new mexico

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Exactly a year ago, I walked off the plane at Albuquerque International Sunport (New Mexico, home of sunports and spaceports) after a fairly traumatic border crossing into the USA from Mexico, in LAX. The issue at hand was that I didn’t have a ticket out of the country within the 90 day visa-waiver period. There is a long explanation for …

Thinking Beyond: on making a first film

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7110 – The number of times Beyond has been played since it was released ten days ago. It’s been featured on PetaPixel, F-Stop Lounge and Monster Children. David Hobby, yes the Strobist, has shared it on Google+. It’s been shared among our collective friends, family and followers more times than either of us can keep track of. I’m not entirely …