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Singapore On the day I marked the fifth anniversary of this itinerant life, I went out for a long walk late at night and left my keys in the door. This being Singapore, and us living on a floor where no one save the neighbours goes to, nothing untoward happened. Only Mum coming home later and getting a scare – keys dangling, no sign of errant child (who is getting forgetful with age). * The past five years have been ephemeral, and my memories of them, while vibrant with colour and movement, also place-time-event indistinct. Not having anywhere to call “home” is a destabilizing, as much as it is delightful. Geographical and temporal markers completely awry. Physiological and psychological lags of time and space. Too …

Looking out at history

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El Malpais National Monument is an astounding area of New Mexico covered by the black basalt of ancient lava flows. Brian Miller took us there on a field trip, on one of the last days Flemming and I had in New Mexico. We met another nomad there. At that point in space-time, Kwang (in the picture) had been living out of his car for a number of months, travelling around the USA. It was a fortuitous meeting of wanderers. People often tell me my present itinerant life is an unusual one – some wistfully, others accusingly, most in bewilderment. I am starting to think these comments don’t come from the actual desire to travel, as much as they do from the acknowledgement of how much it takes to free ourselves of all that conspires to hold us down: our individual fears, our understanding …

On bright stars in dark nights.

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2013 was year where my desire to go walkabout with possessions in a bundle at the end of a stick – or a couple of bags in my case – came true. I’ve been on it for a year and a week today, but rather than some far flung locale, I’m writing this post from my childhood home. Home is something that seems to punctuate journeys though, so perhaps there is no better place.