Retrospecting new mexico

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Exactly a year ago, I walked off the plane at Albuquerque International Sunport (New Mexico, home of sunports and spaceports) after a fairly traumatic border crossing into the USA from Mexico, in LAX. The issue at hand was that I didn’t have a ticket out of the country within the 90 day visa-waiver period. There is a long explanation for this involving some ambiguity around re-entry rules that I won’t go into, but I ended up missing my connecting flight from LA to Albuquerque.  I’ve never had issues entering a country before, and to be yelled at and held at US customs was downright scary. I cried when the immigration officer considered, out loud, putting me on a flight back to Mexico. Yes, I did. 

Whirlwind Canada

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At the end of June, obliged as I was to get out of the USA, i headed north to Canada. Canada was quick. I was in and out of the country in 2 weeks, which meant everything flew by in a blur. It is one of those vast spaces in the world I often think of as needing months, if not years, to be properly introduced to. I take things in very slowly, so this screaming in and out of places business is something i dislike very much. I don’t have a lot to say about my time there as a result, as i only figured out how to engage with the country – considering how different it is from the USA, which I spent 3 …

Mad, Magic New Mexico

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it ~ Roald Dahl My memory of New Mexico is a long series of moments tinged with magic. The Rio Grande sparkling in the afternoon sun as Flemming and I drove alongside, through the gorge it carved. That lightness of being escaping the city and heading south over the broad flatness of the state with those incredible clouds for a canopy. The exhilaration of standing in an antenna dish in the Very Large Array looking across the plain to the mountains holding storms at bay. Running down the spaceway at Spaceport America and how incredible seeing something as earthly as a tarantula on its threshold felt. Being scored by the cleansing sun in White Sands. Hanging out in the quiet of Alamogordo watching …