In flight

30 April 2014, Singapore: I’ve been in Singapore for six months. This is the longest time I’ve been here since I left fifteen years ago. 

Superhero IV

April 2014, Singapore: The shape-shifter.

Superhero III

March 2014, Copenhagen: The invisible child

Superhero II

February 2014, Singapore: A revolutionary capability.



March 2014, Copenhagen: Even superheros have to drop by 7-11 with the kids once in a while.


Converging Lines, Copenhagen

March 2014, Copenhagen: I’ll always think of Copenhagen as the place where things came together. The crossing of impossible borders by actually getting to Europe (I still cannot believe I got there, and am going back again), artists to collaborate with, …


Somewhere down the crazy river…

Yeah, I can see it now The distant red neon shivered in the heat I was feeling like a stranger in a strange land You know where people play games with the night God, it was too hot to sleep…. …

Morocco, Singapore, and Culture Shock in between

October 2013, Tangier / December 2013, Singapore Morocco didn’t go so well for me. Culture, cuisine, contrasts. “Morocco is amazing,” everyone told me. “You’ll love it.”


Time and tide, Tangier

September 2013 In Switzerland, they have watches. In Morocco, we have time. They, and by extension, we, had time in Morocco. This is a place that where frequent periods of lengthy rumination have intrinsic value. The bustle, while ever present, never …