Ukendt Kunstner

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I first heard Ukendt Kunster’s Neonlys album (free – yes really – download here) this past April, somewhere in the sweeping wilds of New Mexico. Hooked off the bat. Ukendt Kunstner – Danish for “Unknown Artist” – are Hans Philip (rapper) and Jens Ole McCoy (producer). All their lyrics are Danish. I don’t speak Danish. But the melodies, the beats, and something about the cadence of the rapping, I find spellbinding despite the linguistic barrier. I’ve listened to Neonlys (“Neonlight”) so many times that I can often be caught singing along in my best approximation of words I don’t understand and can’t pronounce.    

Trailerpark Festival Recap

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Words and pictures by Flemming Bo Jensen and Charlene Winfred. Originally posted in the Trailerpark blog and Artrebels blog, 9 August 2013 Trailerpark Festival 2013 was rich in every way an art and music celebration should be: visually, aurally, and atmospherically. For a photographer, this provoked the pleasurable dilemma: do I shoot, or do I put the camera down to lose myself in the music? Even beyond that, watching technicians running amok with performers backstage, awash in cables, microphones and lighting gear, making a swathe of last minute adjustments and checks before the stage lights dimmed for the MC to announce another act, the question we often asked ourselves was: how do I reconcile the human ordinariness of what happens backstage with what happens on …