Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef

Bryce Canyon National Park was the first proper post-jetlag, now-we’re-getting-sleep-and-have-balance hiking we did. We walked around for hours among the hoodoos and great towering cliffs, breathing deeply, lucky to be there at this point in time, enjoying the magnificence of the …


Finding Zion

Utah, USA, November I was born in November, and as we did 2 years ago, Flemming and I celebrated my birthday by spending 2 weeks fully enjoying national parks – this time, all five of Utah’s. We were in the country during …


A Mad and Magic Birthday

Some days ago I had a birthday. My 34th. I am officially in my frighteningly adult sounding mid thirties.


Vanishing Monument

April 2013 “Look outside!” spat a scowling Flemming, pacing in front of the heavy sliding doors while I sat up in my corner of the room, rubbing my eyes. Still foggy from sleep and the wintriness of a spring morning …


Thinking Beyond: on making a first film

7110 – The number of times Beyond has been played since it was released ten days ago. It’s been featured on PetaPixel, F-Stop Lounge and Monster Children. David Hobby, yes the Strobist, has shared it on Google+. It’s been shared …