Public Passage

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My earliest photographic project, and the only one that’s stuck after all this time, is the one that revolves around public transport. It currently lives on Instagram. I’ve spent most of my life riding buses and trains, so it seemed natural to shoot on them when I got a camera. I was working in Perth (Western Australia) when I started taking pictures on my daily commute to and from the office. It started out as something to distract myself from where I was headed, and the dread of what awaited me at journey’s end, and eventually got me re-engaged with where I was. I lived in Perth for a decade and a half, and never got beyond its sunny, social, extroverted face. Shooting the elements that made up the city’s exterior didn’t get me any closer to …

2 Years A Vagabond

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On 17 January 2015, I celebrated my second anniversary on the road. Two years have gone by so quickly, this realisation hit and ran. I have absolutely nothing profound to say about the last two years. It’s been a whirlwind, one that’s often left me staggering from the highs and lows. It’s always intense. Life is unpredictable. I’m still catching my breath, and my memories. A timeline of notable milestones, by location, because my memories are heavily flavoured by place. 2013 Departing Australia Leaving my old life. Puke-scary. Mexico La Paz, sun, sea, and a first encounter with Mexico. Mexico City: a complete shock to the system, and stepping into a darkroom for the first time. The USA Making my first movie – Beyond. It proved somewhat popular. Learning to shoot landscapes in Texas with Jerod Foster at …

La Paz

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“The Peace” it is called, a town located in a bay near the tip of Baja California Sur, nestled between the Sea of Cortez and the rugged peninsula. I didn’t come to La Paz looking for anything in particular. It just seemed like a an ideal way to ease myself into Mexico. The sole basis of that choice, was a John Steinbeck novel, one called The Pearl, and later on, Log from the Sea of Cortez.