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June 2013, Washington D.C. I rarely stop strangers to ask for a portrait. But back in 2013, I spent some illuminating weeks with photographers in the area – the guys at Strata Collective, Diriki Rice and John Nelson – learning about their practice, and was encouraged to step out of my shell. That time in DC remains one of the highlights of the last few years: for the fellowship, the broadening of horizons, and catching up with my very old friend Carmen, who put me up for the 3 weeks I was in town. I stopped many strangers in that time, and often find myself thinking of the people I asked for a portrait. There was Shaun, below: I was hanging around a corner in Washington DC’s Chinatown, when she walked by with …

The Streets of Washington DC

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I have a funny relationship with cities. I was born, raised, and have lived all my life in cities. I find them visually intriguing for their grit, geometry, tightly packed chaos and human contradiction. But I also associate them with a certain kind of perspective on life that drives me up the wall, and makes me want to run screaming into the wilderness. I always end up returning to cities though, because they possess a particular variety of richness that is found nowhere else.